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Mobilizing Men to Pray

Here are some ideas for mobilizing men to pray in your church or men’s ministry group.

Prayer Breakfast/Lunch

Schedule a weekly, monthly, or bimonthly breakfast or lunch for men to gather for fellowship and prayer. Provide specific concerns to pray about after the meal and/or solicit prayer requests from the group.

Pastor’s Prayer Support Team

Enlist men for a prayer team focusing on the pastor and pastoral staff. Solicit prayer requests from the pastor and staff. Schedule time to pray personally with the pastor(s) on a weekly or monthly basis.

Armor Bearers

Recruit men to engage in spiritual warfare through prayer on behalf of their families, the church congregation, neighborhood, city, state, and nation. Focus prayers on moral, ethical, and spiritual issues. Men can meet in groups on a weekly or monthly basis at the church or in other settings.

Prayer Study Group

Schedule short-term study groups centered on prayer using resources such as What God Does When Men Pray by William Carr Peel, Faithful and Fervent Prayer by Thomas E. Trask, and Connecting through Prayer by John Maempa. All are available through Gospel Publishing House. To order, visit or call 1-800-641-4310.

Prayer Retreat

Schedule an overnight outing at a church camp or other outdoor setting with a focus on prayer. Have a speaker present a prayer-related devotional. Present specific prayer targets for concerted prayer as a group. Plan prayer activities for individuals or small groups, including times for prayer walks or meditation amid the beauty of God’s creation.

Prayer Leaders

Invite various men to lead in prayer periodically in Sunday School classes and church services.

Praying Men Move Mountains!

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