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Connecting through Prayer

(5-part series)

Presenting a 5-part series on how prayer helps us connect with God, others, and God's plan for our lives. Drawn from the booklet "Connecting through Prayer," these articles are sure to enrich your prayer life.

Prayer has been described as both the easiest and most difficult spiritual discipline in which a Christian can engage. Prayer is easy in that all that one needs to do is utter a few words to God, audibly or silently. That, by definition, is prayer. Prayer is difficult in that we struggle with setting aside time to pray, knowing how to pray, and praying in a way that makes a difference. A great span separates glib utterance from life-transforming, stronghold-bashing, demon-binding prayer. Though not every prayer will be the latter, for most of us there is so much to learn and experience in this dynamic discipline called prayer.