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Prayer Bibliography

For Pastors and Prayer Leaders

Many of these great books are available through our Online Bookstore.

Allen, Charles L., All Things Are Possible through Prayer, Revell.

Alves, Elizabeth, Becoming a Prayer Warrior, Gospel Light.

Anglund, Joan Walsh, Prayer Is a Gentle Way of Being with God, Harold Shaw Publishers.

Bicket, Zenas J. and Brandt, Robert L., The Spirit Helps Us Pray, Logion Press.

Boa, Kenneth, The Heart of God, Baker.

Bounds, E. M., Bounds on Prayer, Whitaker.

Bounds, E. M., The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer, Baker.

Bounds, E. M., The Necessity of Prayer, Christian Focus Publications.

Bright, Bill, The Transforming Power of Fasting and Prayer, New Life.

Bright, Bill, Unleashing the Power of Prayer, Moody Press.

Butts, David, The Devil Goes to Church: Prayer as Spiritual Warfare, Covenant.

Carson, D. A., Teach Us To Pray: Prayer in the Bible and the World, Baker.

Chadwick, Harold J. and Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God, Bridge Logos Publications.

Chapell, Bryan, Praying Backwards, Baker.

Cho, Paul David Yonggi, Prayer: Key to Revival, Word, Inc.

Christiansen, Evelyn, The Journey into Prayer, Victor Books.

Cloninger, Claire, 101 Most Powerful Prayers in the Bible, Warner Faith.

Clopine, Sandra Goodwin, Moments of Intercession, Gospel Publishing House.

Cymbala, Jim, Breakthrough Prayer, Zondervan.

Dahlseng, Brent W., Grounded in Prayer: A Small Group Training Guide for Congregational Prayer, Augsburg Fortress.

Eastman, Dick, The Hour that Changes the World: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer, Baker.

Eastman, Dick, Living and Praying in Jesus’ Name, Tyndale House.

Eastman, Dick, No Easy Road, Chosen Books.

Edwards, Jonathan, A Call to United, Extraordinary Prayer, Christian Focus Publications.

Franck, Leon, Helping the Church Become a House of Prayer, Valley Press.

Gaddis, Susan, Intercessors: God’s End-Time Vanguard, Pathway Press.

Graf, Jonathan, The Power of Personal Prayer, NAV Press.

Grenz, Stanley J., Prayer: The Cry for the Kingdom, Hendrickson Publishers.

Hayford, Jack, Prayer Is Invading the Impossible, Bridge Logos Publications.

Hayford, Jack, Prayerpath: Learning To Pray as Jesus Taught, Tyndale House.

Houston, James M., ed., A Life of Prayer, Bethany House.

Hybels, Bill, Too Busy Not To Pray: Slowing Down To Be with God, InterVarsity Press.

Jeremiah, David, The Prayer Matrix: Plugging into the Unseen Reality, Multnomah.

Jones, Timothy, The Art of Prayer, WaterBrook.

Kamstra, Douglas A., The Praying Church Idea Book, CRC Publications.

Lockyer, Herbert, All the Promises of the Bible, Zondervan.

Maxwell, John, Partners in Prayer, Thomas Nelson.

McHenry, Janet Holm, Prayer Changes Teens, WaterBrook.

Moody, Dwight L., Prevailing Prayer, Revell.

Moore, Beth, Praying God’s Word, Broadman & Holman.

Morgan, G. Campbel, The Practice of Prayer, Baker.

Murray, Andrew, Ministry of Intercessory Prayer, Bethany House.

Murray, Andrew, The Practice of God’s Presence, Whitaker.

Murray, Andrew, Waiting on God, Emerald House.

Murray, Andrew, With Christ in the School of Prayer, Revell.

Musgrove, Peggy, Praying Always, Gospel Publishing House.

Myers, Warren and Myers, Ruth, Pray: How To Be Effective in Prayer, The Navigators.

Nappa, Mike and Nappa, Amy, 52 Fun Family Prayer Adventures: Creative Ways To Pray Together, Augsburg Fortress.

Nee, Watchman, Let Us Pray, Regal Books.

Nordin, Don, Working at God's Altar, Wisdom House.

Omartian, Stormie, The Power of Praying Together, Bethany House.

Otis, George, Informed Intercession, Renew.

Packer, J. I., Keep in Step with the Spirit, Revell.

Packer, J. I. and Nystrom, Carolyn, Praying, InterVarsity Press.

Pink, Arthur, A Guide to Fervent Prayer, Baker.

Ravenhill, Leonard, Revival Praying, Bethany.

Richards, Larry, Every Prayer in the Bible, Nelson.

Rinker, Rosalind, Prayer: Conversing with God, Zondervan.

Rowlett, Martha Graybeal, Praying Together, Abingdon Press.

Russell, Bob, When God Answers Prayer, Howard Books.

Sheets, Dutch, Intercessory Prayer, Regal.

Smith, Eddie and Hennen, Michael L., Strategic Prayer: Applying the Power of Targeted Prayer, Bethany House.

Teykl, Terry, How To Pray After You’ve Kicked the Dog, Prayer Point Press.

Thomas, Lee E., Praying Effectively for the Lost, John the Baptist Printing Ministry.

Thrasher, Bill, A Journey to Victorious Praying, Moody Press.

Torrey, R. A., How To Pray, Moody Press.

Towns, Elmer, How To Pray When You Don’t Know What To Say, Regal.

Towns, Elmer, Praying the Psalms, Destiny Image Publications.

Tozer, A. W., The Pursuit of God, Wingspread Publishers.

Trask, Thomas E. and Womack, David A., Back to the Altar, Gospel Publishing House.

VanderGriend, Alvin, Love To Pray: A 40-Day Devotional for Deepening Your Prayer Life, Harvest Prayer Ministries.

Wood, George O., Core Values, Gospel Publishing House.

Wright, N. T., The Lord and His Prayer, Forward Movement Publications.

Yancey, Philip, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?, Zondervan.

Downloads: Download a PDF of the Prayer Bibliography