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Prayer Basics

Prayer Basics is a biblically based prayer training resource useful for small group sessions, Sunday School classes, sermon series, and much, much more.

Topics include: Prayer: What’s It All About?; Who Should Pray?; What Should We Pray About?; When Should We Pray?; Where Should We Pray?; Why Should We Pray?; and How Should We Pray?

Prayer Basics Video Teaching

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Free Prayer Basics Downloads

Download the whole set or the individual topics you're interested in reviewing. Watch this site regularly for updates and enhancements. Follow this link for downloads of the Prayer Basics videos. Simply click on the video you wish to download, then click “Download This Video.”

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Prayer Basics Adult Lessons

Last Updated: 5/9/11

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Prayer Basics Book Downloads

Last Updated: 7/20/09

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Prayer Basics Children's Lessons

Last Updated: 3/17/11

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Prayer Basics PowerPoint Presentations

Last Updated: 4/22/10

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Prayer Basics Sermon Series

Last Updated: 12/22/09

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Prayer Basics Youth Lessons

Last Updated: 12/31/09

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