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Interviews on Prayer

The National Prayer Center is pleased to feature a variety of testimonies and interviews on prayer. Listen to them using the podcast player below and be sure to check back regularly for inspirational stories, powerful accounts, and practical hints to strengthen your faith and encourage your commitment to prayer.

See below for a list of interviews available.

The following interviews are available above

Also note that highlight transcripts of interviews are posted below as they become available.


Downloads: Tim Leathers Interview | Al Toledo Interview | Ron Auch Interview | Jason Hotchkiss Interview | Ruben Guajardo Interview | Hanfere Aligaz Interview | Tim Enloe Interview | Mary Jo Williams Interview | Sarah Krage - Eliot Geib Interview, Part 1 | Sarah Krage - Eliot Geib Interview, Part 2 | Sarah Krage - Eliot Geib Interview, Part 3 | James Nicodem Interview, Part 1 | James Nicodem Interview, Part 2 | Don Nordin Interview | Saeed Hosseini Interview | Dick Foth Interview