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Help through Prayer


Dear Friend,

Your need is very important. Over the years, the Office of Prayer & Spiritual Care has received prayer requests for distribution to prayer partners across the nation. Yet, we believe it is vitally important for you to connect with a local church, particularly in times of need or concern. Often, in addition to prayer, there is need for further personal ministry and care which cannot be provided by a prayer network. Therefore, we have provided a way for you to find an Assemblies of God church near you. If you are not already part of a church family, consider visiting a church nearby. Tremendous help, strength, and encouragement can be found in being part of the body of Christ.

Additionally, spiritual help and guidance resources are provided that address many issues from a biblical point of view, including helpful guidance on how to follow Jesus Christ.

Also, please feel free to call the 1-800-4-PRAYER line. This toll-free line is available 24/7/365. There you can hear prayers offered on a variety of needs and concerns. You also may listen to a daily Scripture and prayer devotional or find out information about prayer resources that are available. Prayers are offered in both English and Spanish.