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Week of Prayer 2015--The Human Right (Jan. 4-10)

Sat, 03 Jan 2015 - 8:54 AM CST

Below are prayer points for the Week of Prayer, January 4-10. Please include these in your prayer time during the week.

- Sunday: Pray that all Christ-followers will understand that to know Jesus Christ as Savior is the basic right of every child, youth, and adult on earth.
- Monday: Pray that the silence of apathy and complacency will be broken as Christians across the nation share their faith with people who do not know Christ.
- Tuesday: Pray that the present generation of youth will abide in Jesus, abandon their will to Him, and advocate for the lost, setting an example for all generations to follow.
- Wednesday: Pray that intercessors will arise who pray earnestly for the lost and then share the gospel with them at every opportunity.
- Thursday: Pray that all Christ-followers will become passionate about seeing people in every country and culture come to know Jesus.
- Friday: Pray that a powerful move of the Holy Spirit will accelerate this church toward the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen.
- Saturday: Pray that this generation will fulfill the Great Commission.