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Prayer Alerts & Updates

See You at the Altar/at the Pole

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 - 1:16 PM CST

Two important prayer initiatives relating to our children and youth in public school occur on the same day next week--Wednesday, September 24. The National Women's Department sponsors See You at the Altar to coincide with the youth program See You at the Pole. On this day, students across America meet at their flagpoles before school begins to pray for their school, fellow students, and educational leaders.

To participate in See You at the Altar, pastors are encouraged to open their church doors early in the day on September 24 for parents, grandparents, and anyone interested to come throughout the day and pray for their children and youth. It is recommended that the church prayer group or event planning team work with the pastor to plan this important prayer meeting.

For more information about See You at the Altar, please click here. For information on See You at the Pole, please click here. Please pray that many will participate in these vital prayer initiatives so that a covering of God's blessing, protection, and favor will be upon our children, youth, and our schools.